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Get it right

How to be a faster programmer? Get it right the first time! An obvious advice - but maybe something can be learnt from it?

Surviving vistitor spikes

Does your webapp survive several hundred percent more visitors than what you’re used to? Practical tips on handling this (and having fun with it)

Is learning vim worth it

My attempt at gauging whether vim is worth learning (without spending the time everyone says it takes to). See if you should go for it or not

Rotating backups with rsync

Backup for your home-network. A perl script that does rotational backups via ssh and rsync onto a backup machine. No compression, no incremental backups - full snapshots with low data redundancy thanks to hard links

If it weren’t for the … customers

Code reuse increases business, profits and customer satisfaction. Everyone wins, right? Not so fast, there is a cost to code reuse. But sharing ideas is a win win

Boredom the hidden asset

Are you easily bored? Congratulations! Why you may want to skip on those sugary distractions and let it be your compass for truly inspiring things


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